In today’s ever-advancing world, it’s more important than ever that your technology keep pace with the needs of your organization.

From navigating a safe return to travel in the post-COVID era, to an increasingly globalized business landscape, to a heightened focus on sustainability, the needs of today’s programs are far different from a year ago…even more so from just five years ago. Just as the needs of today’s programs are modern, so too are the tools needed to meet these needs. In other words, technology solutions are critical to achieving your organization’s long-term goals. Read below to learn more about some of the ways ADTRAV technology is helping our clients travel cleaner, smarter, and safer than ever before.


Recently, airlines have been announcing their goals to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, and fly with less impact on the world around us. But it’s not just airlines who want to do better. Organizations worldwide are taking stock of their impact on the environment, developing initiatives, and setting sustainability targets. But it’s impossible to measure an initiative’s success when technology is unable to perform necessary reporting. So when an ADTRAV client wished to see reporting on their CO2 footprint, our technology team jumped at the chance to make it happen. With the CO2 dashboard option available in RezIntel, the ADTRAV business intelligence platform, our clients can now see their program’s carbon dioxide footprint based on actual travel data.


One of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to travel is maintaining visibility and control. Without access to necessary data, making smart decisions is almost impossible. Even with access to the data needed to implement travel parameters, enforcing them is a lost cause without control. This problem is compounded exponentially when a program goes global. With countries using disparate systems to track and manage travel data, global consolidation of data into anything remotely manageable, understandable, or logical is next to impossible. And the time required to even begin unraveling the data is nearly insurmountable. Our technology platform enables organizations to consolidate all travel data, even on a global level, to ensure the utmost control and visibility into program metrics, eliminating unnecessary headaches and hassle.


COVID-19 rocked our world, and the travel industry took a massive hit. Organizations pressed pause on travel and focused on how to get business done without the need to leave home. But now that vaccinations are making headway and many countries are gaining control over the virus, business travel is on the rise…but so is the confusion. From airline-specific mask requirements, to wide-ranging vaccination requirements, to pre-travel COVID-19 testing, to quarantine protocols, the stipulations to get on a plane these days is overwhelming. Our tech solutions deliver the information needed to return to travel safely and with confidence. Whether it’s our ADTRAV app, COVID News Hub, or RezAlert for duty of care and risk management, our technology has the return-to-travel bases covered.|

Modern Technology for a Modern World

Our clients are aiming high, and so are we. Does your organization want to travel safer, smarter, and cleaner? Is your travel technology keeping pace with the modern world and supporting your goals? If you’re unsure, contact us to learn more about our full suite of software and technological integrations, and we’ll set you up with one of our travel experts right away.

Ready to learn how ADTRAV helps organizations travel cleaner, smarter, and safer?

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