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Complete Lodging Program Services

ADTRAV offers custom-designed preferred hotel programs for both standard business and long-term travel. We focus on reducing costs, negotiating rates and amenities, and maximizing the value of your hotel spend.


Hotel RFP Services

We provide complete hotel RFP services, including program requirements, property responses, negotiations, and contract award. Hotels solicited are based on client usage patterns, upcoming projects, and other preferences.


Rate & Amenity Negotiation

Based on your volume and needs, ADTRAV will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best rate and amenities possible, such as complimentary wi-fi, parking, and breakfast. ADTRAV focuses on your goals to provide the most comprehensive value and savings.

Supplier Leverage

We enjoy negotiated rates with over 40,000 hotels and over 8,000 hotels participate in our Premier Hotel Plan. These properties offer special complimentary amenities and rates averaging 5–35% lower than published corporate rates.

Non-Traditional Hospitality Services

The popularity of home-sharing networks such as AirBnB continues to grow in the business travel sector. To accommodate these new preferences within our client base, ADTRAV has worked to integrate these platforms into our hotel program management services. So if your travelers prefer a more home-like feel while on the road, we’ve got you covered.

Happy Travelers Are Successful Employees

For many people in the business world, a hotel room is a home away from home; a haven to escape the hustle and bustle of life on the road. So it’s crucial to make their stay as comfortable as possible. This means providing preferred hotel options, streamlining the reservation process, and enabling 24/7 support no matter where the road leads. Help your employees fire on all cylinders when traveling, and the impact to your business will be felt far and wide.

Customer Testimonials

“ADTRAV did a great job in helping me to get a refund! In addition to that, the agent was very helpful in providing information so I wouldn’t make the same cancellation mistake twice.”

Lori E.

“The hotel mistakenly charged my personal card instead of using the company card. I contacted ADTRAV after hours on Friday evening and they handled the situation in less than 10min. They also followed up with emailing new receipts to update the payment card used.”

Sandra O.