Government Travel Management

We are proud to serve and protect those who serve and protect us.

Roger Hale | President & CEO

Experts in Government Travel Compliance

ADTRAV Travel Management, a global leader in travel management, began serving the U.S. government in 1985. Since then, we have successfully served numerous government agencies, including the GSA. Our many attributes include our exacting standards in security and technology. Our leadership has over 40 years of service on multiple commissions and boards while working with federal cost-reimbursable contractors. We are proud to serve and protect those who serve and protect us with compliant yet innovative travel programs, providing the most comprehensive data consolidation in the industry. Be sure to reach out today to learn more about how ADTRAV can serve your agency’s program requirements.

How We Help Government Organizations Travel

Powerful Audit Tools

ADTRAV’s advanced reporting capabilities ensure federal reimbursement requirements are met while providing an unprecedented audit trail of all transactions.


Regulatory Expertise

As a federal government contractor under GSA Schedule 599 and a designated DoD contractor and ETS2 provider, ADTRAV collaborates closely with agencies to ensure compliance while offering comprehensive support.

24/7 Availability

ADTRAV agents specializing in government travel are available around the clock, ensuring your travel needs are met while providing adherence to FTR, JTR, and FAR regulations.

Flexible Booking Tools

As an SAP Concur Elite TMC, ADTRAV utilizes its expertise in ETS2/SAP ConcurGov configurations to develop successful and compliant programs, particularly for Federal Government travel. Book your travel through Concur or GetThere Government Edition, or enter your travel parameters, and we’ll handle your booking.

Global Expertise

Our agents are experts in the language, culture, and international travel challenges. Whether simply traveling internationally or stationed overseas, ADTRAV has local global coverage for your intercontinental needs.

Travel Alerts

In today’s complex geopolitical landscape, safeguarding the well-being of travelers is paramount. Our dedicated agents place utmost emphasis on ensuring the security and safety of every journey.

Services for Government Agencies & Contractors

ADTRAV’s depth of government travel management experience has enabled us to develop the necessary operational processes, training practices, software applications, and overall expertise to effectively manage the complex and unique requirements of federally reimbursed travel.

Confidence Through Compliance

ADTRAV’s proprietary systems are configured to automatically monitor compliance with the Fly America Act, the Open Skies Agreement, the federal per diem program, parameters for premium class travel, reporting requirements regarding the use of lowest applicable airfares that meet mission requirements, and integration with The City Pair Program (CPP), a government-wide initiative designated as a Best-In-Class procurement by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), providing best value airfares for federal agencies.

Our RezIntel reporting and analytics system captures travel data generated through the reservation and ticketing process. Working with their ADTRAV account manager and with a few clicks of the mouse, clients can quickly spot trends and identify key travelers or departments for further training and support.

Customer Testimonials

“We deploy for disasters all over the country. Our orders were input incorrectly causing even more issues. ADTRAV was fabulous every step of the way. Complicating things even more, I have special needs. In this case I had to have a wheelchair and transportation coordinated in addition to the usual madness. Because of ADTRAV, our team can rest tonight. Thank you!”

Leslie C.

“Celeste is a terrific person! I have had the privilege to work with her for several years. She is awesome and always goes above and beyond. She is a customer service guru!”

Henrique D.