Technology has long played a role in corporate travel programs, but today’s travel technology is truly at the forefront of a successful travel program.

Think about the areas covered in a travel program—global travel and expense data, traveler safety and risk management, COVID-19 protocols, airport and flight information, group air movements, hotel programs, traveler satisfaction, policy planning and adoption—just to name a few! Now imagine trying to manage such complex and varied areas without the right technology…it would be impossible to achieve with any measure of success.

That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Deem, enhancing our technology stack and providing even more options to our clients. ADTRAV and Deem will partner to provide cutting-edge corporate travel solutions designed to make travel effortless for every type of traveler.

Why Deem?

With a mission to provide leading-edge travel management services and technology, ADTRAV serves companies in the private sector, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Our clients depend on ADTRAV for robust, integrated, and innovative technology. By adding Etta to the ADTRAV technology platform, travel managers can offer travelers a new and intuitive online booking experience.

A Powerful Partnership

Our partnership with Deem enables us to provide best-in-class technology support and an intuitive online booking experience. ADTRAV delivers unique technology and expert assistance in augmenting Deem products through streamlined processes, enhanced data capture, and fully integrated agent-assisted reservations.

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