ADTRAV is thrilled to see business travel roaring back as in-person meetings and conferences continue to return to pre-pandemic levels! However, this quick return and increased demand have created ongoing challenges that travelers and companies are facing. From flight cancellations and delays to hotel check-in chaos and unavailable rental cars, we are all experiencing less-than desirable customer service. Unfortunately, these issues will be with us for a bit longer.

The tables below capture the current U.S. Travel Forecast and its resilient return – despite high inflation and disruptions in the industry. Domestic leisure travel has surpassed 2019 levels with domestic business travel right on its heels at an 81% return from pre-pandemic levels and an outlook of 96% in 2023. With the recent relaxation of international travel requirements, international arrivals are continuing to rise and will grow rapidly but are not expected to return to 2019 levels until 2025.

Source: U.S. Travel Association – Travel Forecast | Summer 2022

Source: U.S. Travel Association – Travel Forecast | Summer 2022

Overcome current travel challenges

As travel experts, we suggest the following tips to help mitigate the impact of disruptions:

  • Have a travel backup plan
  • Look for direct flights and be sure to review how many flights the airline has going to your destination on your day of travel
  • Book early morning flights, the first flight of the day if possible
  • Allow extra time to get through security check lines (consider TSA PreCheck or Clear)
  • Stay informed by taking advantage of industry apps, such as airline apps, Flight Aware, or your corporate TMC’s app
  • Pack extra patience and remember to appreciate the workers doing their best to make your travel as seamless as possible
  • Reduce your stress by sourcing or utilize your travel management companies’ services and expertise

For more industry insight, check out this recent interview with a flight attendant.

As a seasoned travel management company, ADTRAV has a 45-year reputation for the highest levels of service, and this has never been more important than right now. Our strategy for the past two+ years has not been merely to survive – but to double down on our commitment to Service Nonstop. We recognized immediately that two primary factors would determine our ability to meet this commitment to our clients. The first was to maintain service for our clients even while many nonessential travel programs were suspended. We did this by retaining strategic team members in account management, agent teams, and by enhancing existing technology offerings. The second was to maintain the agility to quickly ramp up our staffing levels for when travel restrictions lifted. Our strong retention and recruiting policies have proven critical in achieving this goal. We have reinstated team members and recruited the best talent in the industry to ensure that travelers are not alone in surmounting the travel challenges of 2022.

While we are not immune to the industry woes, we are prepared for them and our continued commitment to our clients has never been stronger.

Take the Next Step to Service Nonstop

Let ADTRAV mitigate the industry woes for you by learning more about the benefits of a strong travel management partner.

ADTRAV lives by our motto of Service Nonstop – it represents our commitment to around-the-clock service that exceeds expectations. To maintain the highest levels of service, we continually measure service through proprietary rating tools, monitoring dashboards, and more. Our traveler satisfaction rate is 99.3%, a number we are proud to share but are always working to improve!

If you would like to learn more about ADTRAV, our commitment to Service Nonstop, and how we can take your travel program from good to great, contact us to start a conversation. We’re at your service.

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