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  • Customer Satisfaction Rating 99.4% 99.4%

Satisfaction ratings and client comments are gathered through our proactive RezCritique and RezFan feedback programs.

Customer Testimonials

"This morning a flight to Dallas was delayed- then I heard from the agent that Dallas airport was closed due to weather. Called ADTRAV and in three minutes the agent had me an another flight with a different carrier. Before I could get to the United gate had my reservations and was confirmed and well on my way. I deal with customers and clients all day long and really appreciate when I receive outstanding customer service like I do from ADTRAV."

Robert S.

"ADTRAV agents are excellent! They are always friendly and professional, and are able to find the best and most time-efficient travel routes for me consistently to allow me to carry out my team's mission. It is always a joy to work with them."

David D.

“We deploy for disasters all over the country. Our orders were input incorrectly causing even more issues. ADTRAV was fabulous every step of the way. Complicating things even more, I have special needs. In this case I had to have a wheelchair and transportation coordinated in addition to the usual madness. Because of ADTRAV, our team can rest tonight. Thank you!”

Leslie C.

“Celeste is a terrific person! I have had the privilege to work with her for several years. She is awesome and always goes above and beyond. She is a customer service guru!”

Henrique D.

“In these stressful [Coronavirus] days, I would just like to give a shout out to Ahmed who has been so helpful in assisting us evacuate FO TCNs.“

Jennifer S.

“A1 service. I had to book two employees, one did not have a corp card and had never traveled for the company before. ADTRAV was able to book both travelers on the same flight at the time needed to best serve their needs at the conference and their departure time was perfect. ADTRAV is always a pleasure to deal with. Five stars!!!”

Linda M.

“I would like to recognize ADTRAV for their exceptional professionalism and customer service. They went above and beyond in helping me when my flights were canceled while I was at the airport. They were a true lifeline! I ending up leaving the airport and heading home. ADTRAV continued to help me by obtaining refunds from the airline and hotel, and then rescheduling my trip. I really appreciate their professionalism, kindness, expertise and help. Thank You ADTRAV!”

Christina D.

“ADTRAV was very helpful in making arrangements. They worked with me and waited patiently while I made decisions about which flights worked best. They also arranged for my ground transportation and found the best rate. They combined my hotel arrangements (which I made because the room was part of a block) with the rest of my travel information so that all elements of my trip appear in our reimbursement system.”

Stacy B.

"I had two senior management staff traveling to Orlando, FL on business travel. The hotel at the conference was extremely high, over 200 % per diem. I called ADTRAV for assistance. They researched local hotels and provided maps. They did not rush the phone conversation and were polite and courteous. ADTRAV provided a hotel within the per diem rate and 2 minute distance. Each traveler had a rental car so the savings of two rentals in addition to close proximity was due to ADTRAV's time and effort for my request. "

Katie M.

"ADTRAV really knows their stuff and went out of their way to make sure that everything was taken care of so that the traveler would not have any issues while on travel. They went above and beyond to make sure that we did everything to correct the situation and made sure that we would have no trouble at all throughout the travel. ADTRAV is absolutely wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable at what they do."

Jennifer G.

“I was given the wrong date for the start of a conference and I booked 2 tickets for that date. ADTRAV was able to void and reissue the tickets for me. The ADTRAV agent had a very calming demeanor and told me everything they was doing behind the scenes as they did it. They fixed it so that the 2 travelers will get there in time for their first day at the conference. I can’t express how relieved ADTRAV started my day off, not just for the airline fix but by the their manner and graciousness.”

Jane J.

“I have been working on old travels that was charged to our Centrally Billed Account. That account was not paid and ADTRAV was very helpful in answering my emails and getting me flight receipts. I appreciated the help ADTRAV has given me.”

Constance C.

“ADTRAV did a great job in helping me to get a refund! In addition to that, the agent was very helpful in providing information so I wouldn’t make the same cancellation mistake twice.”

Lori E.

“The hotel mistakenly charged my personal card instead of using the company card. I contacted ADTRAV after hours on Friday evening and they handled the situation in less than 10min. They also followed up with emailing new receipts to update the payment card used.”

Sandra O.

"ADTRAV has been EXTREMELY helpful to myself and my staff for years. Our duty station in Europe and ADTRAV can always be relied upon to provide expert guidance and do so promptly regarding the unique international travel requirements we experience. ADTRAV is a truly professional organization! THANKS!"

James W.

“Thank you so much for the amazing support you provided during this time. Also a huge shout out to Allison from Shawn on helping him during this crazy [Coronavirus] situation!”

Leigh H

“Kai went above and beyond when my AA flight was cancelled and I needed to be rebooked. She followed up for the ticket to be issued and even checked in during travel. Thank you, Kai.”

Ed V.

“Every rep I have ever spoken with at ADTRAV has been very courteous and helpful. I would like to especially recognize Jenny Wheeling and Randi Anderson. They are both so pleasant and helpful…they are all great there!”

Lisa B.

“Sandy Perry was excellent, efficient, happy, and upbeat. Thank you for exceeding expectations! ADTRAV agents are by far superior to most, keep up the great support!”

Drake R.

“Joyce has taken care of very complex travel reservations while being extremely patient and helpful. On my multiple interactions with her, Joyce has been professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Her follow up and diligence is outstanding and has been consistent to deliver a great customer service!”

Wendy T.

“The agents are all so pleasant and professional. All the agents are wonderful, not just one, all of them. It’s always a pleasure to call and speak to them.”

JaNise T.

“Sandy Perry! Today, I called Sandy to help locate a receipt number and match it to a reservation. Sandy did not hesitate to dive in and start searching for the answer. She asked questions that helped find the correct information for me. I have spoken to Sandy before and she is consistently helpful and accommodating. I told Sandy that I felt she went above and beyond the call of duty today. She told me she was just doing her job. While this might be part of her job, she did it in such a way that not once did I feel she was being put out. That is a rare quality these days. Sandy is a tremendous asset to your organization!”

Sharon B.

“Allison Moorhead is awesome! She’s so quick to
respond and always takes care of all my requests.
She is always happy and helpful. She is such an
asset to your organization. Thank you Allison!
You are the best and I truly appreciate you.”

Julie A.

“Iman Abbassy has always handled my requests perfectly. She is a true blessing and wonderful to deal with. She was able to get the flights, hotel, and the transportation that I needed. She is amazing and very professional. A real asset to ADTRAV.”

Linda M.

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