VIP Travel Services

Highly-Trained Agents Attuned to the Needs of Your Most Important Travelers

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VIP Services Designed for VIP Travelers

ADTRAV’s VIP travel services ensure that your top executives and most important travelers are comfortable and productive during all phases of their travel itinerary.

Unmatched Service

Our highly-trained VIP agents know the stakes of working with VIP travelers. They work tirelessly to anticipate the needs of our clients and to guarantee that every detail of every trip is meticulously handled.

Exclusive Perks

Our agents know VIP travelers have high expectations, so we provide an array of exclusive perks such as automatic waitlist upgrades and expedited visa and passport services at no extra charge.

Peace of Mind

Our VIP agents are experts in the world of travel. From assistance waiving hotel no-show fees to dedicated phone lines and email accounts, your executives will receive the utmost service.

What Does VIP Travel Mean to You?

One of the most important aspects of handling VIP travel is customizing the client’s travel experience. Because of this, no two VIP travel programs look the same. We develop VIP travel programs around the needs and expectations of those we serve. No matter what VIP travel means to your organization, ADTRAV can handle it—seamlessly.

Available VIP Services

Travel Services

  • Flight monitoring
  • Expedited boarding pass delivery
  • Automatic wait list upgrade requests
  • Premium airline seats are always booked if possible
  • Hotel confirmations and reconfirmations
  • Agents search for “sold-out” rooms in favorite hotels
  • “Best possible” hotel accommodations and rental cars
  • Automatic enrollment in frequent traveler programs
  • Limo arrangements to and from the airport
  • Assistance waiving hotel no-show penalties
  • Expedited passport and visa services
  • Personalized travel reports to track travel expenditures
  • Dedicated 800 number
Concierge Services

  • Restaurant reservations
  • Private aircraft and yacht charters
  • Tee times
  • Tickets to the theatre, concerts, and sporting events
  • Floral services
  • Luxury automobile rentals
  • Private car service
  • Tour arrangements

Dedicated Vacations Agents

In addition to our stellar suite of corporate travel services, your VIP travelers will be assigned a dedicated vacations agent to assist with personal travel. This means that the same top-notch services are available to our clients when vacationing at no extra charge.

Customer Testimonials

"I had two senior management staff traveling to Orlando, FL on business travel. The hotel at the conference was extremely high, over 200 % per diem. I called ADTRAV for assistance. They researched local hotels and provided maps. They did not rush the phone conversation and were polite and courteous. ADTRAV provided a hotel within the per diem rate and 2 minute distance. Each traveler had a rental car so the savings of two rentals in addition to close proximity was due to ADTRAV's time and effort for my request. "

Katie M.

"ADTRAV really knows their stuff and went out of their way to make sure that everything was taken care of so that the traveler would not have any issues while on travel. They went above and beyond to make sure that we did everything to correct the situation and made sure that we would have no trouble at all throughout the travel. ADTRAV is absolutely wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable at what they do."

Jennifer G.