With Enterprise by Its Side, Deem’s Future Looks Bright (and Innovative)

Travel technology provider Deem first partnered with global rental car provider Enterprise in 2011, and in 2016, Enterprise took a minority stake in the travel platform. In the first quarter of 2019, Enterprise officially acquired Deem, taking their relationship and partnership to a whole new level.

Behind the Acquisition Scenes

Enterprise was missing a valuable piece of the travel management puzzle and Deem held the cornerstone: the ability to deliver mobility options to travelers. As Enterprise continued to focus on growth and providing leading-edge transportation solutions in a highly competitive and every-changing marketplace, the decision to elevate the relationship was natural and fit well with both companies’ goals.

The Future of Deem

What began as a minority stake in Deem in 2016 came full circle in 2019 when Enterprise officially acquired Deem. Now that the dust has settled on the acquisition, what does the future hold for Deem? From multiple booking tool options for businesses of different sizes and other traveler mobility options for travelers, the future of the innovative travel technology provider Deem is bright—especially with the resources and trust of Enterprise Holdings behind it.

Listen to Roger That!

To learn more about the future of Deem, listen to the newest installment of Roger That! as Roger Hale, ADTRAV President/CEO, sits down with John Rizzo, Deem CEO, as part of a multi-episode series exploring today’s online booking tools and the booking tools of tomorrow. Listen to the full podcast now.