Harnessing traveler data in the right way can dramatically improve the travel experience–on the individual level and for company travel programs.

Traveler data is essentially a subset of big data, sets of data so large they cannot be processed through traditional processing means. This data is collected from multiple sources and is typically associated with customer views, habits, and behaviors. As technology advances, so do the opportunities to collect and utilize traveler data.

Improving the Traveler Experience

While many people are cautious about their data being used by companies, and rightly so, traveler data can absolutely be used to positively impact many different aspects of travel. From predictive analytics and proactive profile building, the opportunities to improve the travel experience through a better understanding of travelers are almost endless.

Easing Traveler Friction

One of the biggest causes of traveler friction is having to standardize traveler preferences. Rather have something sweet for an in-flight snack? Too bad, they’re serving pretzels. Maybe you prefer two queen beds in your hotel room rather than a king. Through better management of traveler data, organizations can build more detailed profiles that enable them to better serve their clients. The ability to personalize an individual’s travel preferences in a mass-service industry will not only alleviate small frustrations that negatively impact the traveler experience but will also enable companies to better prepare for specific traveler requests, resulting in a more efficient product delivery.

Enhancing the Reservation Process

And hotel rooms and in-flight snacks are just the beginning. Applications are available right now that proactively manage almost every aspect of travel from start to finish: apps that cross reference your favorite foods with restaurants in your destination city (and then offer to make reservations); apps that automatically change and update flight reservations based on events happening all over the globe; apps that automatically handle transfers to and from the airport without the traveler lifting a finger. All of it is made possible through the effective analysis of traveler data.

Streamlining Operations

By watching and analyzing data points from across the travel landscape, applications can automatically update travel policies. Not only will this save time by removing the human element from the process, it will ensure that travel policies perform optimally at all times.

The Future of Travel Technology Is Bright

As with other areas of big data, the capture and utilization of traveler data is inevitable. It’s the price we pay for the convenience afforded by the digital world in which we live, and there is plenty of reason to be cautious with how your data is captured. The good news is that technology is removing many of the repetitive, mundane tasks associated with travel, ultimately resulting in a more hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

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