Nothing brings synergy to a business relationship like truly knowing your partner. A strong, established relationship makes communication more open, support more enjoyable, and mutual success more attainable. Are you getting the “more” you deserve in your TMC relationship?

Benefits of a Great Business Relationship

  • Above-and-Beyond Service: You can bet that in a strong partnership, service levels increase. Great relationships are naturally prioritized, so when a need or issue arises, it’ll be top of the list for service.
  • Active Listening: Ever feel like someone isn’t really listening, just waiting for their turn to speak? In a good relationship, that doesn’t happen—both parties are “all ears.” Needs and issues can be openly shared, and you’ll be truly heard, leading to better service and greater understanding.
  • Consistent Trust: When two organizations are working to achieve a mutual goal, trust is essential. It increases productivity (people are trusted to get their job done and are encouraged to pursue new ideas and ways of doing things), results in innovation, fosters creativity in problem solving, and often leads to increased efficiencies! Trust also enhances the bond between groups, leading to more feel-good thoughts and greater willingness to chip in whenever and wherever needed.
  • Greater Respect: Someone wise once said that respect is trust in action. Respect should be a prerequisite for any relationship, but a great relationship goes beyond expectations. Even during the tough times of negotiations, miscommunications, or mishaps, respect helps ensure positive experiences for all parties and increases success in resolving the situation at hand.
  • Lasting Loyalty: Perhaps most of all, loyalty is the hallmark of a great relationship. In every relationship, business or otherwise, inevitably there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, happy times and trying times. It’s in the challenging times when loyalty really matters. It’s important that both parties have each other’s backs and will go to bat when the going gets tough. Why? To ensure the achievement of mutual goals, growth, and continued success.

At ADTRAV, we’re known for forging strong partnerships with our clients, as evidenced by our 99% 10-year client retention rate. We’ve earned a reputation with our clients for being diligent and hard workers, seasoned experts in everything travel management, and strong advocates for our client’s program success. These are just some of our traits that create lasting, strong, and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Do you have a champion at your current TMC? A person you can have an open, honest dialogue with and who provides sincere feedback? If not, it might be time ask yourself why.

Ready to learn more about how ADTRAV does relationships differently?

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