ADTRAV has scored in the top 5% of companies in employee engagement in its latest survey, distinguishing the company as a preferred employer. ADTRAV utilizes CustomInsight, an industry-leading employee survey vendor. CustomInsight works with many Fortune 100 companies and is a leader in developing strategies that help increase employee engagement.

In 2020, ADTRAV earned the Best Org™ designation from CustomInsight for its exceptional employee scores in a wide range of important metrics, including engagement, strategic alignment, and manager competency. To qualify for this designation, organizations must score in the top quartile compared to hundreds of other organizations. ADTRAV is currently on track to best its 2020 scores.

CustomInsight defines employee engagement as the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. The elements that drive engagement typically include respect, trust, fairness, communication, teamwork, and similar topics.

“We’ve worked hard throughout the company to see ADTRAV rank in the top 5% of organizations, and we are proud of the culture we have created here where employees are passionate, driven, inspired, and valued,” said Roger Hale, ADTRAV President & CEO. “Our entire leadership team is deeply involved in this initiative and works to continuously identify opportunities to improve our employee engagement levels. We strongly believe that engaged employees are happier employees.”

To learn more about a career at ADTRAV, visit https://www.adtrav.com/careers/.

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