Although TSA Pre✓ should be granted almost every time to travelers enrolled in the program, it isn’t guaranteed. The TSA checks for eligibility on every flight, and sometimes travelers are randomly excluded.

Please also note that only certain airlines and airports participate in the program. If travelers are flying on an airline or through an airport that doesn’t support TSA Pre✓, then the service will not be available, even if TSA Pre✓ is printed on the boarding pass.

Some travelers who are enrolled in TSA Pre✓ may arrive at the airport and find TSA Pre✓ is not on their boarding pass. This may be due to an incorrect KTN in the traveler’s profile or the KTN may need to be entered into the traveler’s profile. Reservations made by ADTRAV agents will always pull a traveler’s KTN directly from their profile.

If you have travelers enrolled in TSA Pre✓ who have been excluded, please advise them to ensure their KTN is correct in their traveler profile. It is good practice to advise travelers to validate their KTN as well as other travel profile information to ensure accuracy. Additionally, to avoid any last-minute confusion, travelers should review their boarding pass to see if it indicates TSA Pre✓ before arriving at the airport.

To learn more about TSA Pre✓, please visit the link below for a comprehensive list of FAQs and other helpful information.