Selecting what seems like the lowest rate you can find sounds like a good decision, but what are you ultimately sacrificing?

If you like waiting longer to board the plane, less space to store your stuff, and the inability to select your seat, then Basic Economy may be right for you. For most of us, though, less isn’t more when it comes to travel.

Next time you contemplate a basic economy fare, keep the following in mind:

  • No early seat selection
  • No refunds
  • No carry-ons/overhead bin use allowed
  • No same-day changes
  • Last group to board (which means more time waiting!)

Even when it’s the cheapest rate, booking Basic Economy can be confusing and costly as there are no changes permitted or refunds. That’s why these fares are blocked when booking through Concur or an ADTRAV agent. Reduce “traveler woes” by booking in Concur or with your preferred TMC, ADTRAV, knowing you are getting the lowest AND most compliant rate!

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Refundable or Nonrefundable? That Is the Question. The Truth About Hotel Instant Purchase

Myth: Booking through online sites such as travel search engines (TRIVAGO), discount travel sites (booking.com), or hotels directly is cheaper and easier.

Fact: These sites mislead corporate travelers with instant purchase options and unnecessary extra steps to complete a booking.

It takes fewer steps to book through Concur, plus you get access to the complete suite of EBSCO travel program perks, including access to the Radius Global Hotel Program Network, as well as negotiated rates that are preloaded into Concur for YOUR access. These rates are also accessible to ADTRAV agents, which are available exclusively to ADTRAV clients. 

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