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Complete Solutions for Long-Term Housing

Do you have travelers who stay in the same location for extended periods of time? Our long-term housing solutions ensure they have all the comforts of home while on the road.

Unmatched Services

Full Accounting Management

Property Sourcing and Inspections

Utility Setup
and Payment

Move In/Out

Contract Negotiation and Management

Additional Parking and Storage Sourcing

Furniture Sourcing

Upgrade Service Management

Creative Accommodations

We love that long-term housing allows us to think outside the box when it comes to accommodations. Travelers staying in the same location for long periods of time crave the comforts of home…kitchen, TV room, an outdoor space to unwind, you get the picture. We arrange stays in apartments, condos, single family homes, you name it! Surprisingly, these options not only improve the traveler experience but also help better manage your budget.

No Request Too Large

Whether it’s one individual or several, we can arrange housing according to your unique needs. Have a large group staying in the same area for 30+ days? We can arrange that too. Our long-term housing services list is long, so you don’t have to sacrifice a thing. And since our programs are custom designed, you can be sure that your program will fit your needs exactly. 

Customer Testimonials

“ADTRAV did a great job in helping me to get a refund! In addition to that, the agent was very helpful in providing information so I wouldn’t make the same cancellation mistake twice.”

Lori E.

“The hotel mistakenly charged my personal card instead of using the company card. I contacted ADTRAV after hours on Friday evening and they handled the situation in less than 10min. They also followed up with emailing new receipts to update the payment card used.”

Sandra O.