Coronavirus Updates

Travel News and Information Pertaining to the COVID-19 Situation 

COVID-19 Global Status Map

Please utilize the collection of resources below to better understand impacts on the industry and your community. As travel continues to be affected, we will provide access to the most accurate information possible.

Airline Resources

TSA Checkpoint Numbers

How many people are traveling by air in the United States right now? Check out this interesting chart from the Transportation Security Administration, which compares daily checkpoint numbers from 2019 and 2020.

US Passport Processing Updates

The US State Department will no longer offer in-person services for expedited processing unless the situation qualifies as a life-or-death emergency that requires travel outside the US within 72 hours. Significant delays for any new routine requests should be anticipated.

ISOS Travel Restrictions

The ISOS has provided a list of countires with any entry restrictions and quarantine measures including information on flight operations and screening measures. Members can login and view the security alerts for more detail.

American Airlines Improves the Travel Experience

American Airlines is making travel easier and less complicated for customers. These new customer-friendly initiatives give travelers even more flexibility when they travel on American.

Delta Eliminates Change Fees

Delta is doubling down on its mission to make it easier for customers to book, change or cancel their travel plans by making their policy of elimintaing change fees permanent for tickets purchased for travel within the U.S.

Southwest Cleaning Updates

When you travel with Southwest, know that their top priority has and always will be your safety. Southwest has employed stringent cleaning and safety practices to support the health and wellness of employees and customers. 

United Cleaning Updates

The highest standard of safety and cleanliness is a united effort. When you’re ready to travel again, we will be “United Together” with to deliver industry-leading cleanliness, prioritize your well-being, and innovate for a healthier tomorrow.

Live Flight Cancellation Updates

The COVID-19 situation changes hour to hour, making it difficult to track flight updates and cancellations. View this page for real-time cancellation statistics and flight tracker links for cancelled flights, or view top cancellations by airline or airport.

American Airlines Updates

The safety and well-being of customers and team members remains the highest priority for American Airlines. The airline is working around the clock to care for you on your travel journey, and we know you’re concerned about your trip.

The Latest Updates From Delta

At Delta, nothing is more important than traveler safety. As concerns continue to mount about COVID-19, Delta is doing everything they can to ensure the safety and security of all Delta travelers, employees, and clients.

Southwest COVID-19 Updates

Southwest Airlines is aware that government mandates have resulted in restrictions on air travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Southwest will offer maximum flexibility in accommodating travelers to the best of their ability. 

United: Important Notices

Frequently travel on United? Below you’ll find a link to the latest United travel notices pertaining to COVID-19. On this page, you will find helpful links, updates on open and closed routes, available travel waivers, as well as an array of other information.

Hotel Resources

Major Hotel Chains’ Policies

As the virus has continued to spread worldwide, some hotels have updated or changed their initial policies. Below you will find links to major hotels’ policies and initiatives related to reservation cancellations made during this time.

NH Hotels Response Policies

To ensure guests, employees and suppliers can enjoy destinations, NH Hotels has implemented a series of measures, approved by safety experts, in their hotels. Implementation of some of these measures may alter the availability of some services. 

LH & CO Safety Protocols

At Loews Hotels & Co, the safety and well-being of its guests, team members, and communities is always a top-priority. Continuous efforts are made on a daily basis and new measures have been added, to provide a welcoming and clean environment.

Health Resources


On this website, you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions all answered by the United States Department of Transportation.

CDC: Ongoing Updates

Information is coming in faster than most organizations can process. The most reliable source of information is the CDC. Below is a link doretly ot their site enabling you to keep up with the latest news about the coronavirus directly from the CDC. 

CDC: Traveler Resources

The CDC’s public health messaging system offers up-to-date messages to travelers. This is the latest information posted, in partnership with Customs and Border Protection, the TSA and other port-of-entry partners.

WHO Situation Reports

On this website, you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Please visit this page for daily updates.
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