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RezDesk™ Features

View Trip Details

RezDesk provides a color-coded display of traveler itineraries based on ticketing and approval status. This includes access to both current and past itineraries.

View Unused Tickets

RezDesk provides a complete listing of the traveler’s unused tickets, including the airline and usable value. Once exchanged, tickets are automatically removed.

Online Booking

RezDesk can provide direct access to your online booking tool, enabling travelers to easily access all travel-related functions without agent or travel arranger involvement.


Store Traveler Info

RezDesk gives travelers access to company-specific travel information, including agent contact information, passport reminders, travel policy details, and more.

RezIntel™ Features

Travel Intelligence

RezIntel uses an innovative dashboard to display in-depth travel analytics in a user-friendly design. Data from every air, car, and hotel booking is included for complete transparency and analysis. 


Predictive Analysis

Through a dynamic connection to the data, users can create “what if” scenarios based on live data. Test travel program changes by altering field values, lassoing data, manipulating sliders, and more.

Actionable Data

Data across all reservations is aggregated and organized in a single, integrated dashboard, enabling quick access to all travel data for analysis, bringing the power of “big data” to travel programs.


Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface allows end users to spend less time locating, processing, and managing data and more time incorporating actionable intelligence into every travel process and plan. 

Get Program-Wide Visibility With RezIntel Enterprise™

RezIntel Enterprise™ helps organizations optimize performance by aggregating and consolidating global travel and expense data from disparate sources, streamlining processes, optimizing spend across broad categories, and facilitating strategic insight. Download the product sheet to see what RezIntel can do for your business.

Additional Technology Services

Powerful Travel Application

Whether a business traveler takes 30 trips a year or just one, the importance of a powerful travel app can’t be stressed enough—because informed travelers are happier travelers. Download the product sheet for a full overview of everything this powerful app can bring to your travel program.

Duty of Care and Risk Management

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, threats to traveler security abound. That’s why ADTRAV partners with the industry leader in duty of care and risk management. So you can prepare for, monitor, and respond to potential threats, minimizing impact on personnel and operations. 

Meeting & Event Reporting

Comprehensive and dynamic reporting tools for data capture and analysis of all meetings and events that also allow real-time management of arrival/departure lists.

Traveler Satisfaction

With a single click, your travelers can instantly rate every interaction they have with an ADTRAV agent. This enables us to measure service levels and ensure we provide the best possible customer service. ADTRAV’s satisfaction ratings consistently exceed 98%!

Unmatched Security Standards

PCI Certified

PCI certification is a rigorous and comprehensive process that involves a full-scale audit by a qualified security assessor (QSA). The QSA validates all areas of the business to ensure proper controls and security measures are in place to protect the customer.

FISMA Compliant

FISMA is one of the most important regulations for federal data security standards and guidelines. It was introduced to reduce the security risk to federal information and data while managing federal spending on information security. ADTRAV has met FISMA Compliance standards.

Powerful Integrations

Technology moves fast, especially in the travel industry. We continuously seek out the top travel technology disrupters and develop innovative partnerships. By combining the power of our travel management tools with the convenience provided by select third-party companies, we create solutions that transform the industry, from the travel manager to the traveler.

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